tour in italy


  • you can register a team consisting of AUTO + SCOOTER / MOTO or only CAR or only SCOOTER / MOTO

  • you will never drive on the highway, only secondary and often white roads (occasionally you will be asked to send the position in real time, if you are on the highway you are off!)
  • you decide the route, based on your strategy you will decide which stages to take, "Beauty" is not a speed race but a strategy game and you will not be an adventurer by choice, but by destiny.
  • sleep? ... your skill will be to plan where to sleep by optimizing times and points .. you will be free to make your own choices but a photo of a night spent in a tent could earn you more points.
  • any problems and mishaps during the journey will be handled and solved exclusively by you; we will cheer from a distance and if you send us photos and stories of the "disaster" we will laugh together! Your fun, your desire for adventure and your challenge to boredom are important to us and therefore we wish you all the mechanical ills that the wear and tear of your vehicle can give you.
  • before leaving, get some good walking shoes, a swimsuit, an emergency tent. But above all a map of Central Italy and spare wheels!
  • ... and remember: "if you don't have new friends, good memories and photos to print when you return home ... it means that you will surely have lost!"