tour in italy


2024 Edition

PRELIMINARY OPERATIONS: THURSDAY 20 JUNE from 17 to 19 and FRIDAY 21 JUNE from 8:00 to 9:00




“la BELLEZZA” is not a competition, it is a game, it is an adventure to discover the hidden corners of Central Italy, it is exciting, tiring, unpredictable. You know your starting point, you know where you are headed, but you don't know where you will pass, you just know that they will be busy days and that, based on the choices you make, you will travel between 1500 and 2000 km of both secondary roads and dirt roads. And it won't be easy

You will have a list of award locations that once you reach them, they will give you a certain score, you will not be obligated to reach them all, which ones you reach depends on you, based on the strategy you want to adopt and the efforts you are willing to make. If you start with the intention of winning "la BELLEZZA" you will simply have to score more points than the others, so you will have to reach more locations or choose the ones that give the highest score. There is no need to be the first at the finish line, and you will not be able to get all the points possible because the locations will be on completely different routes.

Regulation 2024 edition

Pre-registration (team name and category) by January 31, 2024
Fee payment by March 31, 2024

“la BELLEZZA” is a race won by whoever reaches the most points, it is not based on speed so who is fastest, but whoever scores the most points wins.

The 2024:edition will be characterized by a race of 3 days

Teams may consist of

  • car + scooter / motorcycle

  • scooter / motorcycle

  • car

10 days before the face. the departure point located within a radius of 10/60 km from Florence will be communicated to the teams and a whatsapp group of all participants will be created

A day before the start, the teams will have to present themselves from 5pm (closing operations at 7pm) at the starting point for the preliminary operations. On the same day, participants will receive the details of the locations that give points and the scores for each location and the point of arrival

THURSDAY 2O JUNE 7:30pm extraction of the starting order

FRIDAY 21JUNE from 8:00am to 9:00am preliminary operations for teams who decide to arrive on the day of departure

FRIDAY 21 JUNE 10:00am START OF THE RACE. The teams will start at a distance of 2 minutes from each other (with a penalty of 100 points in case of delay from the assigned time

SUNDAY 23 JUNE by 5pm arrival (In case of arrival after 17:00 the team will suffer a penalty of 100 points)

10 days before the start the departure point (located within a radius of 10/60 km from Florence) will be communicated to the teams and a whatsapp group chat of all the participants will be created.

On THURSDAY the teams must arrive and present themselves from 5am to 7pm at the previously communicated starting point for the preliminary operations, where the teams will receive all the information and the details of the locations and the scores for each location as well as the point of arrival. BRIEFING DATE: THURSDAY from 5am to 7pm or FRIDAY from 8am to 9am

THURSDAY at 7:30pm there will be the extraction of the starting order

Requirements for participating vehicles:

Cars up to 1,200 cc: minimum 10 years of service

Cars over 1,200 cc: minimum 20 years of service

Scooter / Motorcycles up to 150 cc: all allowed

Scooter / Motorcycles over 150 cc: minimum 20 years of service

Special Car Category: * Cars out of category (upon request to the organization and relative approval) with a starting score penalty of 200 points

The admission of vehicles not falling within the aforementioned cases will be evaluated upon request by the organizing committee

How points are earned

The points are divided into four categories:

Team points

Dolce Vita points

Adventure Points

Photo / Video Points

Team points:

are obtained upon registration and are:

75 crew points over 60 years

50 parent-child crew points

50 car + motorbike crew points

25 squad points

The points are accumulated, e.g .: mother/daughter team in the car starts with a score of 75 points (50 + 25)

Dolce Vita points:

Dolce Vita points are obtained if the team documents with photos, videos and geolocation the activities that will be communicated on the day of departure and which will consist in demonstrating via WhatsApp that they have:

eaten some typical dishes (food points)

for example, the crush of Chiassaia is worth 50 points

having done relaxing activities in places indicated by the organization (wellness points)

for example, the thermal baths of Rapolano 25 points

having visited places of art or worship on the list given at departure (art points and places of worship)

for example, Duomo di Orvieto 25 points

At the time of delivery of the list, the points corresponding to each activity will also be indicated

Adventure Points (for the activities we are about to refer to the organization disclaims any responsibility):

Adventure points are obtained if the team documents with photos, videos and geolocation (via whatsapp) that they have:

routes with rough dirt roads that will be indicated on the day of departure

did short hikes or adrenaline-pumping activities

Photo and video points:

A commission formed by two of the organizers will give a score at the end of each day to the funniest and most original photos and videos that the teams will send.

Final rankings:

Based on the total sum of the various points obtained, we will have the following rankings:

Auto + Scooter / Motorcycle category

Scooter / Motorcycle category

Auto category


The first classified in each category and in the overall standings will be rewarded

It is not necessary to earn Adventure points to participate and enter the leaderboard

All the crews will be connected in a whatsapp group and the provisional ranking will be sent every evening

Fee and registration procedure (using the registration form on the website):

CAR + SCOOTER / MOTORCYCLE TEAM 250 euro (including a car and a maximum of 2 motorcycles)


CAR TEAM 200 euro